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CSMAI Gen. Managers Chen Zhu and Wilfredo Monillas with Financial Controller Mr. Guo Yang and Admin Manager Brenda Reyes.
The current CSMAI Management Team at the welcome dinner held in honor of Mr. Sun Liang.
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CDR Update: Available for pickup at BDO R. Salas Availability Date: JUNE 27, 2014

Basic Charges for FREIGHT PREPAID from Mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, South East Asia,
Australia, Middle East, South Asia and Red Sea:  
  DRY VAN 20 40  
  THC PHP 5,645.00 PHP 7,055.00  
  CIS USD 75.00 USD 150.00  
  DOCS FEE USD 40.00 USD 40.00  
  CONT. CLEANING PHP 300.00 PHP 500.00  
  OT/FR/REEFER 20 40  
  THC PHP 7,330.00 PHP 9,175.00  
  CIS USD 75.00 USD 150.00  
  DOCS FEE USD 40.00 USD 40.00  
  CONT. CLEANING PHP 400.00 PHP 600.00  
For FREIGHT COLLECT and shipment from European and Med., Latin America, West Asia please call Billing Department
Section @ tel # 3032003 local 210.  
Container Deposit Fee:  
Manila, Bataan, Subic and CALABARZON  
  Php5,000.00/20' Php12,000.00/20'  
  Php8,000.00/20' Php12,000.00/40'  
Outside Metro Manila and Outports  
  Php30,000.00/20' Php100,000.00/40'  
  Php50,000.00/20' Php100,000.00/40'  
To avoid DEMURRAGE, please ensure Customs Clearance, Delivery Orders, Freight Charges, Guarantees, BLs etc.
are received and processed at least 48 hours prior to expiration of LFD (Last Free Day).  
Demurrage Free Period (Upon discharging):  
  DRY VAN 20 40 Plus 12% VAT
  1- 7 Calendar days    Free Free
  Thereafter  Php800.00 Php1,300.00
  OT/FR/REEFER 20 40
  1-4 Calendar days   Free Free
  Thereafter   PHP 2000.00 PHP 3500.00
Container Deposit Refund Receiving : Strictly every Wednesday and Friday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm only. Container Deposit Refund Releasing: Through BDO R. Salas Branch. Requirements: Original letter of request, BL Number(s), O.R# of deposit made, container number(s), To whom the check will be payable to; Original O.R., original Billing Invoice ande Original EIR. Sending of Cargo Arrival Notice is merely a value-added service and should not be used as the sole source of information of incoming shipments. Consignees/Forwarders/Brokers are expected to to have prior information of inbound cargoes from their principals/agents at loading port or their VASP (Value Added Service Provider). For questions on status of your import shipments, please contact: Tel. Nos.303-2003 locals 212 and 229 Fax: 303-2067. For refund follow-ups, please contact: Tel. Nos.303-2003 local 255 or 3036217 For questions on your charges, please contact: Tel. Nos. 303-2003 loc. 210 or 303-7029.

Basic Charges for FREIGHT and DEMURRAGE


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